Visual Concept, In-Engine Capture, Polish & Post-Processing Effects - James Clark
Additional Art and Capture Support - Alik Sarkisyan

I was thrilled to concept and design this lenticular cover for EDGE Magazine's June 2021 issue.

I provided direction for the cover through initial visual concepts which I then took into UE4 to light, pose and capture the character followed by post-processing polish and effects in Photoshop. I wanted Ratloop Games's impressive character to shine as much as possible so I opted for a minimal, tinted background to emphasize her colour palette in both her 'normal' and 'ghost' form.
These two images where then layered and specially printed to give the cover a 3D, holographic finish.​​​​​​​

Original video taken from @edgeonline twitter:

Final artwork in 'normal' and 'ghost' form

Some early pose captures

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